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Hunted ruined keep and graveyard
Miniature Wargaming Rule Idea for Undead Units
To add flavor to a game an interesting rule twist for the undead is to give them a slight positive modifier when within twelve inches of a graveyard, hunted ruin, or within four inches of a necromancer. A slight negative modifier is applied when within twelve inches of a church, holy shrine, or within four inches of an enemy priest/cleric. All effects are accumulative. Of course when one positive and one negative both apply they cancel each other out. Example : Undead unit is fighting need a holy shrine but is within four inches of a necromancer. What type of modifier you choose depends on your game system and how much you effect you think the rule should have on undead units. A simple idea would be to add one attack dice for a positive each effect and take one away for each negative.
Top of tower and surrounding walls made of Hirst Arts blocks. Tower base is made from thick card tubing. Its a little hard to see, but check out the zombie rising from his grave.
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Yet another graveyard.
Necromancers Tower.