These mysterious, anchient monuments can be found throughout the old world in remote areas. Local peasants speculate on who built them and for what purpose. Tales of anchient tribes and druids surrond the stones, adding to their legend.  It seems many spell casters are not so ignorant of their purpose though. Strange men have been seen at night perfoming majic rituals in the shadows of the stones.  Some even say the ruins carved into the stones, glow with ancient majic.                                            
The stones themselves are a new product from Fortress Figures.  You can order them from their website for $10.  I used thin plywood to base the model.  Never use card or posterboard, as the base will warp.  After the stones were glued in place, the base was covered in diluted white glue then with fine sand (play sand works best).  I added a little glue/sand to the stones themselves for extra texture and to simulate growing moss.  After everything was dry, the base and stones were painted.  I started with a medium grey, followed by black, then brown washes and ended the process by drybrushing white and light grey. For the finishing touches I added shrubery, small stones a skull. Runes and vines were also painted on the stones.

Rules for Stonehedge
Spellscasters standing on the models base may cast spells at half cost and with no chance of spell failure.
Stones made by Fortress Figures