Below a crypt is the dominant feature in this small graveyard. Notice I used two standard blocks placed upright to make a simple entrance gate. Wood balls found in any crafts store were glued on top for decoration.
Small Wonders
Dedicated to small models and projects
Border Fort .

The large momument in the back as well as one of the tombstones was cast using Hirst Arts molds. Many of these models are made with Hirst Arts blocks. I find the molds are vary useful for all  kinds of projects. They're a tool I would not want to do without. To make the large momument, take two normal bricks and glue the unfinished bottoms together, then glue a third block across the top. Add the decorative arch from the bell tower mold on the front and rear. Use a flat stone block for the base. I used the fansy one from the Tomb mold but any one would work. Add a small miniature to the top and you have a grave befitting a lord. The tombstone in the front was carved from a piece of the cobblestone mold. The cobblestone pattern makes a great texture for a deteriorating grave stone.
Below is the rear of the crypt. The archway from the Tomb mold frames the statue.
Side and back view
Openings in recessed arches were cut to make the ground floor windows. Two bricks that  make the small circular windows of the Wizards Tower were used here as flying buttresses to support the flat stone above the doorway.
Half brick structures like this were common in the late middle ages. They were built to avoid poperty taxes, as only the brick section was taxed. The ground floor is stone made from Hirst Arts Blocks te upper level is cardboard painted with a textured paint. Balsa wood was added for the planks and the whole building was given an ink wash.
Authors Notes: The planks should be glued to the card first before any paint is added. You can make textured paint by mixing fine play sand into the color of your choice. Never underestimate the value of adding ink washes to your models. The models featured on this page look much better in person my camera seems to wash out the rich, deep colors and often fails to capture some fine details and textures. If you are looking for a reliable terrain building product, you can't go wrong with HIRST ARTS MOLDS the possibilites for their use is only limited by your imagination. 
Ruins Terrian with bronze statue. Pillars by Fortress Figures.