Hirst Arts Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.
I make most of my buildings out of the bricks cast from Hirst Arts Castlemolds. Excellent "How To" section, definitely worth a read. While you're there check out the gallery section also.

TerraGenesis TerraGenesis
Large website with user submitted terrain building projects. Some tutorials are also available.

Terrainosaur Terrainosaur
Quite a collection of terrain and miniature galleries. Lots of quality work to be seen here.

NetTerrain NetTerrain
Hands down the best sites on the web for miniature gaming terrain! A vary sharp page thats a must see. Great pictures!

CastleKits CastleKits
Don't have the time to cast your own bricks from the Hirst Arts Castlemolds? Well, CastleKits has done all the work for you!

Dwarven Forge Dwarven Forge
Makers of a modular dungeon, cavern, and sci-fi terrain system. Also have a range of dungeon dressings and miniatures.

Fortress Figures Fortress Figures
Nicely priced plastic and metal miniatures. Nice range of terrain building accessories.

Jeff Valent Studios Jeff Valent Studios
Jeff Valent offers quite a few ranges of miniatures. His company also offers sculpting, casting, and packaging services.

Crocodile Games Crocodile Games
Excellent range of Egyptian based fantasy miniatures. Also have miniature squirmish ruleset for use with their miniatures. Smallish terrain range.

Iron Wind Metals Iron Wind Metals
Do you remember Ral Partha? This company has taken over where Ral Partha stopped. Ranges include Crimson Skies, Shadowrun, Battletech, Ral Partha Classic, and Arcana Unearthed.

Reaper Miniatures Reaper Miniatures
One of the best miniature makers around. Huge line of miniatures, quite certain you can find anything you need there.

Spyglass Miniatures Spyglass Miniatures
Quality sculptor Steve Buddle's company. The range is quickly picking up steam and quite a few different types of sculpts.

Lyon Studio Lyon Studio
A small one person miniature sculpting studio, but very nice quality. A nice range of upright alligator based Romans seems to be the current project.

Larry Leadhead Larry Leadhead
Some funny stuff here, you must check this out. There is a little bit of Larry in each of us.

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