The sign on the wall reads "House of pain"  Here it is in all its gory detail. It was of course made with Hirst Arts blocks (were you suspecting anything else) The wall builder section was used and was a real time saver, also used were the bridge, cobblestone, and wizard tower molds. Details include barrels,torch, bones, skulls, a candle sitting on a table, rack, rat, furnace with hot pokers, clubs, whip, sack, spiders, cells,chained prisoners and more. I figure every dungeon needs a torture chamber, so this is mine; I hope you enjoy it.
One benefit to using plaster is the ability to carve it. Here I carved cracks in the wall to give it an aged look.
Sign on wall (left pic) reads" House of Pain" Above is an overview shot of the dungeon.
This poor girl must have refused to sleep with the local evil over lord.
     A look inside the cells

As I'm tired of paying the Evil Empire's prices for miniatures I have decided to take a stand. One randomly chosen Gouge Workshop figure will be thrown into this cold,dark cell and remain their until G.W. lowers their prices to benefit all gamers, or better yet, they send me lots of free figs to benefit me.  No Mr. evil Gouge Workshop Overlord, it will do you no good to beg, your fig is history, locked away and enduring harsh torture. (You know as much as G.W. loves their own figs I think this might actually work) 10 minutes later... Will you cheap, stingy, greedy bastards ransom your @#%^@!& (censored by a pansy Elf, damn Elf!) miniature already. I need it for a game. Hello can I play with my miniature now?..... Three years later, the dust settles on the fig, and G.W. has doubled its prices.
For those who have not explored my site in detail the bashing on GW for their cheese in games, and prices, as well as me trying to get free miniatures has been a long running joke. Please explore my other pages to find more jabs at the company we love to hate.
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Hey anyone notice their are only chicks in this dungeon?
All Dressed up and nowhere to go.